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PBX and Phones

Panec Connect offers both on-premise and virtual PBX solutions with a variety of compatible handset and softphone options. Handset options include both desk phones and cordless DECT phones. Softphone options include both PC based and mobile device applications.

Exchange Lines

Panec Connect can offer fixed-line and wireless last mile access between a customer’s premises and the Network. Exchange lines are dedicated connections which includes Fibre, Diginet, SAIX, ADSL, LTE and licensed wireless microwave.

Voice Termination

Panec Connect, through a network of your choice, offers local, national, fixed-to-mobile and international voice termination at cost effective tariffs that vary depending on the destination, distance, length, day and time of the call.

Geographic Number Porting

Panec Connect offers clients the ability to port their numbers to the Network of their choice, enabling them to consolidate services, decommission infrastructure to reduce costs, and use Panec Connect as their sole telecommunications provider.

Value Added Services

Panec Connect offers a broad range of voice-based value-added services including SIP accounts, teleconferencing services, smart 0860 call routing, a call back service, call recording services, fax-2-email and email-2-fax.


Leased Lines

Panec Connect provides both fixed and wireless national leased lines. Leased lines are our principal data transmission service and include Fibre, Diginet, ADSL and licensed wireless microwave circuit options.

Internet Access

Panec Connect provides local and international Internet access and bandwidth through its centrally located Internet exchange service peering with all major data providers. Our Internet access and bandwidth services are available via Fibre, Diginet, DSL and licensed wireless microwave circuit options


Hosted Call Recording

Panec Connect offers a POPI compliant hosted call recording service, which allows calls to be recorded, encrypted and archived in the cloud. Recorded calls can be accessed and managed via a secure portal using a web browser on a PC, laptop or mobile device. Calls may be reviewed online, downloaded or deleted.

Virtual PBX

Panec Connect offers a Virtual PBX in conjunction with its voice solutions, using a variety of fixed-line and wireless last mile access options. The Virtual PBX is compatible with a broad range of IP handsets and softphones.

Video Conferencing

Panec Connect offers as a Service a business grade Video Conferencing platform which is hosted in the cloud. Users can dial into the service using Voice Conference room infrastructure, a web browser on a PC or laptop, or alternatively, via an application on a mobile device.